Therefore, we work at projects like enabling electric mobility or optimizing the use of heating energy.

This entails tracking and offsetting our own carbon emissions. The following chart is showing our own CO2 emissions stemming from:

  • Heating our offices
  • Travelling by car, train, or plane (we try avoiding this one)
  • Hotel stays
  • Purchased goods
  • Electricity consumption when working (as good as possible)

For the calculation of CO2 units based on our consumption we are currently using the following resources as basis:

We are constantly trying to lower our own emissions, e.g. by focussing more on sustainable business trips or avoiding car travel even more. And we are offsetting our emissions (check our blog for latest offsettings). But we want to do more! This is why we are currently discussing ways to create more impact. Something like funding energy cooperatives. So stay tuned.