Cloud-Native Apps on Azure

We are a new generation cloud consulting and software engineering company highly specialized in Microsoft Azure and CNCF.

App Innovation

Whether you plan to build a custom app or need to re-platform existing solution, we help by augmenting internal teams to accelerate delivery, adopt cloud-native principles and embrace Developer Platforms.

Data Innovation

We help to level up your data play by orchestrating operational feedback loops based on analytical insights in the cloud. Go beyond Dashboards and let's automate recommendations, decisions and actions.

Functional Employee

Experts with track record

We are owners. It can be humbling but it drives commitment and keeps us focused.
Jörg Petzold Principal Solution Architect

Our Stories

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  • Techem Data Service Layer

    Supporting the move to the cloud, Techem decided to build a cloud-based hub for IoT data such as measurements, buildings and sensors. Our team owns design, implementation and operation of the platform that does process more billions of events. Today it is the backbone for new emerging cloud solutions and digital innovation.

  • Techem E-Charging

    Building a new department at Techem, we have set up the initial IT architecture. We actively designed a cost effective IT system capable of managing charge logs, validating these, creating customer configurations and documents such as consumption reports and invoices. This IT system is capable of processing thousands of charge logs every day.

  • GfK Digital Media Measurement Hub

    Capture and manage cross-media viewing behavior in dozens of countries requires a mature data management platform with a focus on quality and stability. Production-grade Data Science Modules are orchestrated along with sophisticated quality gates in a scaled-out shared-nothing architecture that includes custom-build labeling tools and a media analytics workbench.

  • Allianz Data Platform

    Germany's largest insurance company moved significant data workloads into a Kubernetes environment. Our team fully owned design, implementation and operations of the platform that today powers dozens of operational data apps.

Functional Employee

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing!

Being engineers we have the chance to reduce the carbon footprint of whole industries.
Yannick Rödl Senior Solution Architect


As a group we have our roots in the software organizations of large enterprises. So we know the upsides and downsides. While you can have a lot of leverage there is also a good chance that politics and reorgs destroy the value that a well-rounded team represents.

That's why today we prefer to work as an independent employee-owned company backed by a cooperative. The company is called "functional" because it serves this purpose. And because we appreciate things that just work: skilled teams, proper tech stacks, suitable processes and jobs that make sense.

In a way our setup puts team members first, not the customer. While this may sound unfamiliar at first, we strongly believe that everyone benefits from happy engineers: We are just more committed and more creative when it comes to accelerate the cloud journey of our customers.

What we believe in

  • Team stability with skilled members who know and respect each other. Where communication is easy even when fully remote.

  • Team engagements focused on making the world a better place by driving sustainability, social justice and quality of life.

  • Team financials that keeps the profits where they are created: in the team. To spend them on salary, education or PTO.

  • Team autonomy ensuring technical and organisational decisions are assigned to those who are actually affected.

Functional Employee

Are you functional?

We like to minimize mental load. Even more so when enjoying a workation in Bali.
Ingo Blenke Senior UI Engineer


Building software is mostly a people business. It's the education and experience of our team members that drives value for customers and the company. So putting people first is the most obvious thing to do. Practically speaking we aim to tick all the boxes that define a rewarding working environment. This starts with our hiring process: Simple and fast. We don't want to annoy you with extended coding tests or pointless puzzles. Rather, we are genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person. What have been forming experiences? What interests you? How do you approach new challenges? For this we focus on sessions with team members, because - again - it's a people business.

Open positions

The three steps to become functional

  1. Touch Base

    No matter how we got in touch, if we see fit in your CV it will always start with a 30min chat. We'll give you a run down on our current projects and try to learn about the situation on your side. We are particularly interested to understand how and what you contributed in former team settings.

  2. Meet The Team

    Because it's all about the people we want you to have the opportunity to talk to your future team mates as early as possible. To facilitate that we'll ask you to discuss a technical topic with the team. If you can't think of anything we'll propose a topic. The goal here is to understand your thought process.

  3. Get An Offer

    With a Thumbs-Up from everyone we will make a binding offer. This include an invitation to join the Coop, which not only gives you shareholder power but makes you eligible for profit sharing, too. That's why our contracts can be so simple... no opaque bonus process or random perks.