Get to know Functional: Yannick

Yannick Rödl|

Hi! I am Yannick!

I am one of Functional’s Solution Architects working on designing the best possible applications based on sustainable software principles. I have a strong background in business warehouse plattforms and building cloud native applications.

As I aim to combine fairness and equal privileges for everyone, I am going to become executive of kuupers (our cooperative), once the very cumbersome and laborious founding process is done. This process is also driven by me and Jens, who you got to know recently.

When I am not in the office I love spending time with my family, while trail running, or at board game conventions, where I like to play german-style board games. My favourite expert games are Great Western Trail and Ark Nova. Additionally, I always join a round of New York Zoo or The lost ruins of Arnak. And this is what I look like, when I get my colleagues to play some party games at our legendary offsites, once each quarter:

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