Get to know Functional: Joerg

Jörg Petzold|

Hi! I am Jörg (or Joerg)!

I am a Product Owner/Solution Architect/Data Engineer at Functional. I have spent most of my 20+ year professional career building and nurturing teams in the fields of Full Stack Development, SRE/DevOps, Cloud Engineering, and Big Data. Personally, I have always wanted to keep my hands busy with the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools. On one hand, it keeps my work exciting, and on the other hand, it makes geeking around with colleagues much more intense ;-).

But what truly motivates me on a day-to-day basis is building something as part of a team I enjoy being a part of. The entire journey, from the Forming stage to the Performing stage in a project, intrigues me every time. In other words: becoming the machine that builds the machine.

The main reason I decided to join the Functional team was the opportunity to focus on sustainability topics without giving up my passion for IT.

So, that is me in a nutshell, I guess! Cheers!

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